Friday, February 1, 2008


Well, it's the end of the week and my goal for the whole blogging every other day thing is shot. Thinking the other day as I raced around town trying to get Kiersten where she needed to go, it seemed that time was a lot slower when I was young. Now that I'm older and have more going on it seems that everything just flies past. I feel like I do when I'm on a carousel-you see blurred faces in the crowd and you just want the darn thing to slow down so you can look at each face. I hate that feeling, it makes me feel like I'm missing something and I just hate to miss anything!

I remember summers as a kid, my brother and I would split most of the summer between our grandparents, running in a field (that was a big thing for me, my g-parents had cows and that was somewhat frightening), fishing in a pond or lake, going to work with my granddad who was an electrician and vacationing all over the place. It seemed as I moved to teenagerhood not being able to wait until school started because then "I wouldn't be stuck in the house all day long".

As the children were born, time moved even faster, yesterday Kiersten was just a baby and now she's almost 12. Time just moves too fast for me. I want to say to whoever's got the stopwatch- hey wait! I wanted to spend a little more time there! Times like the kids' first steps, watching them play together, the times when it was just Mike and I (little did I know that I would cherish those days!), vacations when we were so rushed to show western cousins everything in the South or see everything in Montana, time with my grandparents who have passed away-I didn't appreciate them as much as I should have.

I hear Kiersten and Jared tell me all the time "MOM, it's taking FOREVER!!!" This is just to cook dinner or get to Wal-Mart. I think to myself, honeys, you just don't know that one day you'll want things to take forever!

By the way---thanks all y'all for the comments. I do read all of y'alls blogs (hey, I'm Southern, we even write like this!), sometimes I just don't have a chance to to comment. I love blogging and seeing what you guys are thinking about.


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This is too funny, I was thinking of a similiar post myself! Except I am way less organized now and I have no time.