Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I finally figured it out!!!!!

I've been trying to figure out how to post pictures but for some reason they just wouldn't post (probably me getting impatient and saying FINE! ) These pics were taken during the Christmas holidays after I got my new camera.

I love this one of Kiersten! This is just how she looks when she's laughing at something and being silly.

This one of Jared is my favorite of him. He's such a cool guy on his bike. You can just barely tell that he's missing his front teeth.

Over here are a few of my favorite women. My daughter, mom and grandma. It was weird that we're all wearing pretty much the same colors, we didn't plan it that way. Kiersten is wearing one of my t-shirts b/c she didn't have anything to wear on Christmas Day and was starting to get fussy. I just tossed it to her and said "here, try that" and it has apparently been appropriated by her.

Here's my sweetie. It's hard to believe that this is Christmas Eve and he's in short sleeves. But, that's what you get when you marry a goofy guy from Montana. He's playing in the yard with the kids. It's the ever present Swails Heating & Cooling hat.


Anonymous said...

Yay Pictures!

connie said...

Woohoo! Looking good!

scchesleys said...

I'm getting the hang of it slowly but surely. Maybe one day I'll have a wild hair and do something TOTALLY crazy-like figure out what the heck a widget is.