Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A fun post for today

Hey! It's Wednesday! Noticed that a few of my last blog entries have been sort of heavy-I've been in a deep thinking mood for the last little bit. But anyway, I filched this from Cindy's blog (love it, love it, love it!), feel free to steal it for yourself and have a lovely day!

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on the forehead? Love it when Mike does it. No one else gets that close. 2 ft of personal space is a big deal with me.

2. A big poofy dress or short party dress? LBD all the way. Poofy makes me look 12 and I can't stand it.

3. What would you do if you received a long love letter? Save it. I have the first letter Mike ever wrote to me in my makeup bag. It's torn and not in very good condition but I still have it.

4. Group dates or single dates? Either or, doesn't matter to me.

5. Do you hate it when guys act differently around their friends? Drives me absolutely crazy.

6. Are diamonds a girl's best friend? Rather have my regular friends but sparklies are always nice. Don't like diamonds though, they seem "cold".

7. Is you hair up or down today? Got it cut on Monday so no ponytails ever again!

8. Do you straighten your hair? No. I have crazy straight hair anyway.

9. Favorite mascara? Don't use it. Blessed with lovely lashes mascara free

10. Do you get your nails done? What nails? I'm a nervous biter.

11. Small or large purses? Hopefully no bag. I hate having to keep up with the dumb thing. The only reason I carry a small purse now is to keep the badge for work in it.

12. In your purse, what are your must haves? Chapstick and my emergency lipgloss. Again, don't carry one around if I can help it.

13. Jeans or sweats? Jeans if I'm going out. Sweats at home just hanging out.

14. Do you wear clothes/jewelry/shoes that are uncomfortable? NO! Can't stand to be uncomfortable.

15. Do you text message a lot? I don't even know how, so no.

16. What would you do if you got pregnant? Uh....Pray?

17. What's your favorite color? A lovely cranberry red.

18. Heels or flats? Flats, I tend to teeter in heels.

19. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie? Not usually. I'm not a crier.

20. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on? Do it all the time on Saturdays. No biggie. Just as long as I have taken a shower and my hair is presentable I'm not worried about it.

21. Wal-Mart or Target? Target is my friend. Wal-Mart turns me into something better left unsaid.

22. Do you wear collared shirts? Not usually.

23. Do you think lip gloss is the best? Mike will not kiss my if there is anything other than chapstick on my lips. I do like my emergency lipgloss but I always get a perturbed look from him if I put it on.

24. Do you like preppy guys? Jeans and a button down shirt (untucked) and glasses. Love it. Holy hotness! Note to self---buy Mike more button down shirts. How did I marry a redneck? Love that man!

25. Do you own any big sunglasses? No, they make me look like a bug.

26. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About 1/2 an hour or so if I'm only getting myself ready. Nagging the others to get out of bed, get dressed, breakfast, etc.. about an hour.

27. Do you like to wear band-aids? Try not to if I can help it.

28. Do you like skater guys? Used to when I was younger. Now they just look silly with the twitch.

29. Do you often wish there was something you could change? I wish we could have do-overs.

30. Gold or silver? Either or. I don't wear much jewelry.

31. Do you like to receive flowers? Love it (hint hint)

32. Do you like surfer guys? Not my favorite.

33. Do you dress up for the holidays? Nope, not usually.

34. Do you like to wear dresses? Absolutely not. Hate them. It's all I can do to wear them on church on Sunday.

35. On a scale of 1-10, how much do guys confuse you? In general not so much. Mike in particular---5.

36. In the last 48 hours, have you hung out with a guy? Jared and I watched Animal Planet last night and then hung out with Mike for a bit. I work for a guy so at home, at work- they're all over the place.

37. Would you date a guy shorter than you? No. I'm pretty short already. He would have to be a dwarf.

38. Do you like to hold hands? Love it but Mike walks faster than me so I feel like I'm being dragged all over the place until I ask him what's the hurry.

39. What is the youngest you would date? Been there done that, not a good thing.

40. What is the oldest you would date? Probably wouldn't. I'm shy and somewhat of a homebody. Maybe early 40's?

41. What do you notice when you first meet a guy? Hands. Big/little, rough/soft, nice firm handshake v. spaghetti hands.

42. Is it hot when guys sweat? Sometimes.

43. What is the best feature in a guy? His sense of humor. If you can make me laugh it's a good thing.

44. Do you like making eye contact? Depends on who it is. Sometimes it can be scary.

45. There was no 45?

46. Would you kill for chocolate? With peanut butter? Yes.

47. Did you ever spend all night/all day getting pretty for a guy? When I was a teenager, probably. Now, not so much although sometimes I will put a little extra effort in the whole routine if we're going out by ourselves.

48. On a scale of 1-10, how fun is shopping? It's not the most horrible thing ever but it's not as much fun as reading a good book. About a 6.

49. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show? Nope. With the writers strike just over, they're still only showing reruns. No new shows for me until April. Now I have a DVR and I can record them, woohoo!

50. Do you yell a lot? Hate to say it but yes. Sometimes I feel that the kids are ignoring me and that irritates me.

51. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work? Heck no. Dress code and even if we didn't have one that's just not right.

52. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? I am what I am, just me. That would make me feel like a dork.

53. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems? Nope. That's why Mike saves anything I write for him. I'm not a mushy type person.

54. What makeup could you not live without? Powder and eyeliner.

55. Do you fall in love easily? No. I thought sometimes I was in love, but it wasn't it. I think being in love means that you can see yourself old and droopy with that person and you still love them as much as when they were young and hot.

56. Do you have cramps? We have a love/hate relationship. They love me, I hate them. Short answer-yes.

57. Do you think you have the bestest friends ever? Yep. Crystal-Tom Cruise has big teeth! Steph-I miss you! And the girls in the "trouble corner" in RS-you guys are so Funny! Maybe we gave somebody something to talk about this week.


connie said...

You are killing me!!! I am laughing so hard inside b/c everyone would look at me funny if I started cackling at work! Girls in the trouble corner!!! that's another good one.

scchesleys said...

glad to brighten your day. Your daughter was one, all I can say is we have been taught well by our mothers (my mom was also in the trouble corner).

Anonymous said...

LOVE the response on #24!!! LOL
I feel like Connie, I am cracking up in the office and everyone is looking at me like I am the crazy one!

Anonymous said...

OK~ maybe it wasn't JUST #24!!! I am seriously about to wet my pants. LOL