Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weekend musings and a bit of news

This weekend was jam packed for our little family. Mike and Jared went "Scouting for Food" on Saturday morning. Jared just loves being with the YM and helping out. He was paired up with Kevyns Luthy (what a cool kid) and loved running back and forth between the houses and the car. We then went over to mom's house to watch Pres. Hinckley's funeral. I laughed, cried, and was overwhelmed by many feelings of love for that great man. It's just a wonderful thing that after the leader of the church dies, the church doesn't fall apart, everything keeps going on just as before and the work moves forward. I actually got out of the house with my BFF Crystal (crazy girl). We saw 27 Dresses and went to dinner. 27 Dresses is a cute movie and it's always a fun time to hang out with Crystal. We still have our disagreements about which Mr. Darcy is hotter-Colin Firth for her, Matthew Macfayden for me. Since it's my blog, Matthew wins. However, we do agree on the subject of David Beckham. Then there's the age old dispute about Tom Cruise v. Brad Pitt. Don't get us started on those two.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting-what a great service! It was the first time that I can remember that there were people left on the stand and the Bishop has to get up and cut the meeting off because it was already running over (as usual). I heard Sister Register bear her sweet testimony in Relief Society and she said that she is weak physically. But oh, how strong she is spiritually. I want to be like her when I grow up. She never complains about her illness, but endures. It sets an example for me as to what that saying "endure to the end" truly means. Again, we go to mom's on Sunday evening for family dinner plus some. This Sunday the Luthy's came over, Valerie is a hoot! If you haven't gotten to know her, she is a strong woman and funny as all get out.

I received a call from my brother yesterday after their ultrasound and was informed that they were having a boy! This is a wonderful thing! I told Jared and you've never seen a happier kid. He's surrounded by girl cousins on both sides so he's glad to finally be getting a boy cousin. He jumped up and down and did a little booty shake if I'm not mistaken.

Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Our Mr Darcy is way better and this is not my blog! HA HA! COlin Firth is not a perfect MR Darcy and he def does not bewitch me, mind, body, and soul!

scchesleys said...

Amen Sister friend! the walking through the mist scene----hoowhee!