Monday, February 11, 2008

If Wishes Were Fishes...

I've been trying all day to remember the rest of that saying, but the only "wish" saying I can remember is the one that goes "wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up faster", or something like that. "I wish" is a favorite saying at my house. It varies from "Honey, I wish I had a new truck" to "Mom, I wish I didn't have to do the dishes" to "Mommy, I wish I had a puppy". (No comments about that Alona!) Here are some of my wishes that don't get aired nearly as much as the above.

-I wish for world peace. Really! I know it's hokey and it's something I ask for every Christmas. I haven't gotten it yet, so I'll just keep on asking.

-I wish that kids didn't get sick. Not ear infection, cough and cold stuff. I'm talking seriously debilitating and deadly stuff.

-I wish I could take a few classes at USC, just to learn something new. Like some more history classes or learning to speak Russian.

-I wish book publishers would hurry up with the books I want to read. Summer is looking really good but it just is SOOO long from now! I'm going to be so broke from June all the way through September.

-I wish I could find the "right" pair of black shoes. Everything is too high, too pointy, too expensive.

-I wish I was more anxiously engaged in something good. I'm trying but I'm lazy at the core level.

-I wish Kiersten would just wash the dishes. She says we gave her that chore because we hate washing dishes. How right she is.

-I wish Mike's parents lived closer. Better yet, the Star Trek teleporter was a functioning piece of equipment, we could just hop over when we wanted to.

-I wish every woman could have a husband as wonderful as mine. Even though sometimes I get angry with him, he's a good man.

One last one,

I wish health, happiness and love to all who read my words. What are some of y'all's wishes?


Alona said...

Ok, I will not say anything about puppies. lol, that was funny. So, My wishes are.....I have never really thought about it. I am thinking some of them would be that one day my teens would realize I have a brain (before it they are adults)
That my husband could find an awesome job that works for us as he works for them.
And most of all that everyone can just be happy. Is that really so much to ask for??

scchesleys said...

You know, the puppies could be due around his birthday. I'm still thinking about it. As for the brain thing, I realized at 17-18 that my parents had something between their ears. There's hope!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could take a nap! I wish I could say whats on my mind all the time!

connie said...

Where to start?!!! You said world peace in your best beauty queen writing! Right now I wish someone else would cook dinner and clean my house. A nap would be awesome.

scchesleys said...

Oh! I forgot about cleaning the house! Connie, so smart you are. Add another to the list. Beauty pageant my behind-give me jeans, tshirt and comfy shoes any day. See you guys tonight!