Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy Hannah!!! I got sucked in....

Yes readers, I've signed up in Facebook. Why you ask? A good question and I don't really have a good answer other than why not. Well, I'll tell you why not---it's somewhat addictive and I sit there looking at the page that comes up with so and so did this to whomever and I think to myself: Self, you're confuzzled "and &^$#" (shoutout to Michelle B). I know that I can figure this whole thing out (hopefully) with time and a great deal of patience on my part.

What else has happened this week?

Let's see, Mike is working to put in our new a/c and heating unit, should be finished today (we're crossing all our appendages) since there's apparently a chance of some snow on Sunday. Snow you say? Yes. It's supposed to be 75 today and snow on Sunday. Welcome to South Carolina-home of wacky weather. The kids received interims this week and everything was okay, Jared still has a D in math but we're working on it, it's closer to a C than it used to be. There were robins all over my yard this morning and Sally the wonder puppy had a fit trying to chase them. Speedy she may be but she can't fly. Speaking of Sally, I've scheduled her appt to be "fixed" so we're moving forward from the trauma that was doggie diapers. Mike and I have been talking about our potential garden(I'm becoming countrified, chickens and a garden, the horror!) and he's probably a little more excited about it than I am, which is no real surprise. I've got to get my hair chopped again this weekend since I'm getting way too shaggy so that makes me happy.

Well, I think I've done just about all the damage I can do here. I think I'll mosey on over to Facebook and see what I can figure out.

Peace and love y'all

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This morning, I was watching the Today show and I saw just about the stupidest commercial ever. I actually went on Youtube to find so I can (hopefully) post it for your enjoyment. As some of you may know, I'm not the best of morning people, I prefer silence to singing and dancing. If I happened to be around these people, I might have to do something illegal, like shoot them. (See example 1 below)

But, as I was thinking about all the crap that we as people watch on TV, I started thinking about the commercials, those things that people put in the middle of a perfectly good episode of TV watching just when it's getting good. Since we got Dish and the DVR, it's very hard for us to watch commercials on "live TV". Mike has started relying on the fast forward button quite a lot and gets a tad peeved when it won't skip the commercials. However, one of the favorite commercials in our house, guaranteed to make us all laugh until our sides hurt is also below (see example 2). This is the commercial that Mike and Jared will watch over and over and over and laugh hysterically every single time. It is pretty funny and just finding it this a.m. brightened my day.

After much trying, couldn't get blogger to upload the videos, so please copy and paste the links to your browser. I'm so happy to be back blogging! I missed you so!

Peace and love y'all!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Here I am!!!

Hello all,
I have not been ignoring you, it's been very, very, very busy the last few weeks. I've barely had time to do some of my own work here at the second homestead (work) while I've been "on assignment". That just sounds better than "doing something stupid that no one is going to look at" doesn't it? So, here's a rundown of my month, depressed at the beginning of the month (which I wrote about), yes I'm better, thank you for asking. The mood picked up a little and then we lost a young man in our ward to a serious illness which saddened me greatly and made me contemplate the whole life/death issue for a while. What a blessing it is know that this special young man is in a better place where there is no pain and he can run and swim and do things that he was never able to do on this earth. His parents are an example of faith in Heavenly Father's plan that they can laugh and talk about him and know that they will see him again.

We've had science projects and algebra problems and doggie issues (oh my!). Let's just say this about the latter, I've never had a girl dog and never expected to find myself and my DH on a date night buying doggie diapers. I'll leave it at that. I try to erase traumatic experiences from my mind. Jared has been sick but is on the mend, I've been sick (again) but also on the mend. Kiersten is working on another book and Mike is busily putting together our new heating and a/c unit (pays to know someone in the business-we're getting labor for free!).

Other than that, it's been a regular month.

Peace and love y'all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The light will come...

Hello all,
The last week or so I've been down in a funk and I don't know why. This isn't really a norm for me, usually I'm pretty much on an even keel as far as my emotional well being goes. However, lately, I've been sad off and on with longer periods of sadness, and irritated easily by silly things like people breathing, talking and laughing. So, I thought I would do a thankful post to remind myself of my blessings, which are too numerous to really count.

-My DH. He's such a sweetie. I know he loves me and appreciates me and the things that I do. He also gives the best hugs and makes me feel safe.

-Kiersten. She is what her grandma Breta would call "A marvelous work and a wonder". I marvel that this person is half of me and she cracks me up with her silliness and enlightens me with things she comes up with.

-Jared. He's such a special kid. He's never met a stranger and people just love him. He's also the best helper a mom could have and has the best laugh ever heard.

-Friends. I'm thankful for my friends that I talk to on a daily basis-by email, text (on their side, I don't know how) or on the phone. I'm bound to find something to laugh at even when I feel like crying.

-A job. At this time when hundreds of thousands of people are being told that they have no job, my job is running full steam ahead and I am a necessary part of what my department does.

At the women's conference last Saturday, one of the sisters putting the program on was very frank and honest about her battle with depression and her phrase was "the light will come", whether it's spiritual sunlight from Heavenly Father or just a little lightbulb from a friend with a funny story, I know that the light will come. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to reach me.
I've got to get back to work, but thanks for reading.

Peace and love y'all!