Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everyone has a story...

I'm a people watcher (welcome to the new support group, People Watchers Anonymous), I am also nosy. I learned quite early in life that if you sit quietly for long enough, older people forget that you're there and that's when you can pick up the most interesting tidbits of news. My favorite places to watch people are: the airport (there's a lot of love at the baggage claim), in the car (apparently people think once they get in their car they're invisible), and walking around a different place. My DH is also a people watcher but we're watching for different things. He watches, I think, to see what kind of craziness will come along. I watch and try to figure out the stories behind the people (inner nosiness you know).

Last month, Jared and I dropped my mother off at the airport for her first plane trip to visit Ervins the Younger. It's always so sad to see someone off at the airport-I've done it quite a few times, being the one left behind. You're excited for them, worried (that whole plane crash thing), and in this case, J and I were thinking we would love to be a fly on the wall with mom's first flight. I knew that when mom got to her destination, there would be hugs and kisses and general mayhem at the baggage claim and that would be a good thing. Jared and I wondered where people were going and why, if they were going for fun or a "have to" trip.

Mike and I recently went to Savannah for our annual anniversary trip. I fell in love with that city! On Friday we sat for hours on the river and watched people as they walked along the river front. We saw young couples, mature couples, families, street entertainers, multitudes of dogs and a few Girl Scouts. I wondered about the stories of those couples and families. On Saturday, we took a tour-no Connie, no ghost hunting for us, and walked about 3000 miles. We watched our first rugby game in Forsyth Park, saw a bunch of Savannah College of Art and Design students, more dogs. I loved the squares, the city market, all of the stores. Mike fell in love with the candy stores and especially the pralines. We plan to go back and if I were rich instead of the epitome of sweetness and light, I wouldn't mind living there. I made the observation while there that I didn't see any jaywalkers, everyone at the crosswalks waited patiently until the light turned which was fascinating to me. Mike made the observation that we didn't see very many police cars or policemen. Savannah seems to be full of interesting stories.

As I was coming to work this a.m., I noticed a person in the car ahead of me apparently having some sort of fit. Then I realized they were just really into their music. I also saw people from out of town crossing 2 lanes of traffic trying to get into Ft. Jackson and blocking the road for everyone behind them. I also saw the people downtown, a man in a wheelchair (I made sure to watch until he crossed safely and was on the sidewalk), a lady that got out of her car at the stoplight to get something out of her trunk (what was so important I wonder). I also see people coming to my office and to the unemployment office across the street and wonder about their stories.

Sometimes I think about my personal story (from my perspective of course), and think it's not too bad.

Peace and love y'all!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I need help....

Last night, Mike and I were watching CSI (the original), and the episode was about a murder at a Sci-Fi convention dealing with a Star Trekish type show. As I'm squealing like a complete fangirl when Hodges says "He's dead Jim", Mike looks at me and tells me I'm weird. What? Star Trek is one of the greatest TV series of all time! William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and all his logicalness, the contentiousness of Bones? Come on, work with me here! I also found out that my DH has NEVER watched Star Trek---any of the series or movies! Coming from a long line of Sci-Fi readers and watchers, this almost sent me over the edge. I could not believe that my hubby, the love of my life and father of my children has never seen one single solitary episode of Trek, DSN, Voyager, TNG, Enterprise, or the movies. The Horror!!! Now, would I dress up like a character? No. Some people are just a bit odd about things like that, but if, by chance there's an old episode on the TV on a Saturday, I'll sit down and watch.

I was also thinking this a.m. about other things that I love. 80's music---Jump by Van Halen was playing this morning on the way in and you can't drive slow or quietly when that's playing. Mike and I have passed that love to our children, one of Kiersten's favorite songs is by a hair band-I'm so proud! Recently we watched the 100 Greatest one hit wonders of the 80's on VH1. I only caught the top 10, but I new every video and song. The Muppet Show---yes, I'm a frog/pig 'shipper. MASH---I've seen every single episode at least twice thanks to DVR and the Hallmark Channel (some more than twice). Vampires---Edward, and all the rest. I'll read any vampire book. Pride & Prejudice (the newer one thank you)---I have constant conversations with Crystal about the pros/cons of the Colin Firth/ Matthew Mcwhatever Mr. Darcy. 4 words my friends---walking through the mist! Goodness, there's so much more, but I think that's good for now. I think I'll go listen to my 80's CD and maybe get a vampire book (or two) to read while the boys are camping out this weekend.

What are your obsessions? Are you a Trekkie?

Peace and love y'all!