Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Still....

Shopping for presents, wrapping said presents, Christmas parties, work, mommy duties, home caring, more work, church, worrying about things that shouldn't be worried about, more shopping for presents, staying up late, church, getting the children where they need to go, more work, more shopping, sleeping a little is in there some where....

That seems to be the routine in my little home lately and let me tell you, I'm pooped! As most of you know, I'm not the most social of creatures, I'm pretty happy being by myself most of the time. With all of the comings and goings, one phrase has been running through my head of late and that phrase is "Be Still...". This isn't just a physically be still, it's a mental and emotional stillness as well. Do you ever feel that your brain is going too fast and that if someone says something wrong you'll shatter? I do, and usually it's during times of great activity. This weekend everything fell apart, I was cranky, depressed and short with the hubby and the children and generally not the happy go lucky person I usually am. As I was sitting on the couch last night, trying to keep it all together, that phrase---be still, came again into my mind and heart. I sent the children to bed, Mike was outside doing Mike stuff, and I was alone (finally). I took that time to just be still mentally. I could feel my tattered edges being put back together, my mind and spirit calming. I told Mike this morning that I was feeling better, that the time by myself helped and he was glad to have the regular old me back.

This general craziness also led me to think about the post Christmas funk that many people suffer. Is it maybe because the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is go, go, go, that after Christmas, when the going is done, our minds, bodies and spirits are just given out? I think so. Does that mean the stuff at the beginning isn't going to get done? No. But, I will remember to take time for myself, to just be still. I hope you all will as well.

Peace, love and merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I believe in Santa

Good morning dear readers!
Regarding the title of this post, I know you're probably thinking, "that poor woman! She doesn't get it!" Oh, I get it just fine. I'm not talking about the jolly fat man in a red suit that Kiersten was terrified of as a child, I'm talking about the spirit of Santa. When we told Kiersten and Jared the "truth" about Santa, we told them about the spirit of Santa and that we as adults still believe in that spirit.

What is the spirit of Santa you ask? The spirit of Santa is something usually felt more around this time of year, but we really need to try to have it all year long. The spirit of Santa is what makes people put thousands of dollars in a Salvation Army bucket, what makes people ding dong dash entire meals and Christmas presents for those in need, what makes people a little more apt to let someone go first in line at the grocery store. It also makes adults want to be just a little more childlike during the Christmas season. No, I'm not talking about childish behavior, I'm saying teachable, humble and awestruck at the precious gift that has been given to each of us through Christ's sacrifice.

So when kids ask me if I still believe in Santa, I say yep, I sure do.

Peace and love y'all!