Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Query...

Dear readers,
I love the word query, it's such a cool word-so much better than question. Mr. Webster says that a query is a question in the mind, which sounds really deep and thoughtful. But, I digress already. The query for the day is this----what is the big deal about Valentine's Day?

As we all know, that Hallmarkiest of Hallmark Holidays is coming up and you can't go anywhere without being attacked by something pink or red and heartshaped usually containing a year supply of sugar. Last night as Mike and I sat watching TV, we watched pajamagram commercials and Vermont Teddy Bear commercials and jewelry commercials (oh my!) galore and once again, we talked about our little tradition of not celebrating Valentine's Day. It started many, many moons ago when we were dating. He told me that he didn't "do" Valentine's Day, that it was a Hallmark Holiday and he refused to be sucked into the void that was an essentially useless excuse to buy stupid stuff that doesn't last (I'm not going to write what he actually said, but you get the drift).

As I think back on the 12 Valentine's Days that we have not celebrated together, I can't remember getting one card, one flower, one stupid heart shaped box of chocolate, and you know what---I don't care! But, in honor of the "holiday" coming up, I'm going to share with you a few of my favorite "un-Valentine's Days"

-when we were dating, the day that Mike showed up with a wagon for Kiersten "just because" (this is also known as the day I officially fell in love with the boy from Montana)
-the day we got married (obviously a good day for us)
-the day we found out that we were having Jared (he cried-of course)
-the day Jared was born (he cried-of course)
-any day that we're together (jeez I'm sappy)

So, Happy un-Valentine's Day to my first favorite guy! hug hug kiss kiss

peace and love to all of y'all too!