Friday, April 17, 2009

I need help....

Last night, Mike and I were watching CSI (the original), and the episode was about a murder at a Sci-Fi convention dealing with a Star Trekish type show. As I'm squealing like a complete fangirl when Hodges says "He's dead Jim", Mike looks at me and tells me I'm weird. What? Star Trek is one of the greatest TV series of all time! William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and all his logicalness, the contentiousness of Bones? Come on, work with me here! I also found out that my DH has NEVER watched Star Trek---any of the series or movies! Coming from a long line of Sci-Fi readers and watchers, this almost sent me over the edge. I could not believe that my hubby, the love of my life and father of my children has never seen one single solitary episode of Trek, DSN, Voyager, TNG, Enterprise, or the movies. The Horror!!! Now, would I dress up like a character? No. Some people are just a bit odd about things like that, but if, by chance there's an old episode on the TV on a Saturday, I'll sit down and watch.

I was also thinking this a.m. about other things that I love. 80's music---Jump by Van Halen was playing this morning on the way in and you can't drive slow or quietly when that's playing. Mike and I have passed that love to our children, one of Kiersten's favorite songs is by a hair band-I'm so proud! Recently we watched the 100 Greatest one hit wonders of the 80's on VH1. I only caught the top 10, but I new every video and song. The Muppet Show---yes, I'm a frog/pig 'shipper. MASH---I've seen every single episode at least twice thanks to DVR and the Hallmark Channel (some more than twice). Vampires---Edward, and all the rest. I'll read any vampire book. Pride & Prejudice (the newer one thank you)---I have constant conversations with Crystal about the pros/cons of the Colin Firth/ Matthew Mcwhatever Mr. Darcy. 4 words my friends---walking through the mist! Goodness, there's so much more, but I think that's good for now. I think I'll go listen to my 80's CD and maybe get a vampire book (or two) to read while the boys are camping out this weekend.

What are your obsessions? Are you a Trekkie?

Peace and love y'all!


Anonymous said...

I am not a Trekkie!
My obsessions...

OCD- obsessive Cullin disorder
80's anything
Grease 2- cooool rider
cadbury creme eggs
books-yes please
I am a fan of mist and tall boots oh and dont forget the tails!

scchesleys said...

I completely forgot Grease 2!! I wanna C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R. So began my obsession with black motorcycles.

Laresa said...

My husband is a trekkie and I just don't get it. Almost all of our boys are too. :(

Anita said...

I'm a Star Trek Enterprise fan - I just don't get the rest. But Patrick Stewart is the hottest old bald man I know! (Not that I know a lot...)

And I must confess to watching the top 100 hard rock songs a few times, too. Usually I'm hoping my girls don't walk in and see the trashy people on TV. But today we were driving in the van listening to my 80's music, and Olivia begged to be able to finish "Poison" by Alice Cooper before having to go into the library. I'm proud, too *sniff sniff!*

Connie said...

I love SCI FI and Horror, anything ghostly, vampirish etc.
I am too obsessive to list everything LOL

SCNONI said...

Good grief! What doesn't start my OCD going?

I like both Grease movies.
Sci-fi books and movies but not horror.
Anything chocolate
I love John Wayne movies.
A clean house and fresh sheets on the bed.

LuLu Belle said...

I'm a Trekkie - The Next Generation is my fave. New movie coming out in May, btw. It's already planned to be my birthday movie - LOL. I want to be Deanna Troi, or a vampire, either would suit me fine.
I'm with Anita - Jean Luc is hot. I do have a thing about bald guys yunno. ;-)

Crystal said...

I have never been a trekkie! I have watched a lot of the series, all generations, thanks to my trekkie Daddy.
To make my side of the ongoing Darcy contraversy..... Colin Firth walking period is SUPER sexy and he wears tall boots and has tails and you guessed it, he is sexy in those too! Just to prove that last point check him out when Elizabeth is leaving Pemberly!
My obsessions are:
Mickey Mouse
Pride and Prejudice
all things electronic
Tom Cruise
James McAvoy!

scchesleys said...

To BFF Crystal:

I understand your fascination with Colin, love him in What A Girl Wants, but still love my Mr. Darcy more. Edward is a shared obsession with us and you know how I feel about Tom Cruise's chompers.