Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The light will come...

Hello all,
The last week or so I've been down in a funk and I don't know why. This isn't really a norm for me, usually I'm pretty much on an even keel as far as my emotional well being goes. However, lately, I've been sad off and on with longer periods of sadness, and irritated easily by silly things like people breathing, talking and laughing. So, I thought I would do a thankful post to remind myself of my blessings, which are too numerous to really count.

-My DH. He's such a sweetie. I know he loves me and appreciates me and the things that I do. He also gives the best hugs and makes me feel safe.

-Kiersten. She is what her grandma Breta would call "A marvelous work and a wonder". I marvel that this person is half of me and she cracks me up with her silliness and enlightens me with things she comes up with.

-Jared. He's such a special kid. He's never met a stranger and people just love him. He's also the best helper a mom could have and has the best laugh ever heard.

-Friends. I'm thankful for my friends that I talk to on a daily basis-by email, text (on their side, I don't know how) or on the phone. I'm bound to find something to laugh at even when I feel like crying.

-A job. At this time when hundreds of thousands of people are being told that they have no job, my job is running full steam ahead and I am a necessary part of what my department does.

At the women's conference last Saturday, one of the sisters putting the program on was very frank and honest about her battle with depression and her phrase was "the light will come", whether it's spiritual sunlight from Heavenly Father or just a little lightbulb from a friend with a funny story, I know that the light will come. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to reach me.
I've got to get back to work, but thanks for reading.

Peace and love y'all!


Anonymous said...

Good one, especially the part about people irritating you with talking, laughing, and breathing. "Mama said there'd be days like this," right?

Do you think the weather (SAD) is affecting your mood? Something to think about.

Anyway, the main thing I wanted to comment on is how you're focusing on "the tender mercies of the Lord." It reminds me of some of the things Laresa was talking about in her lesson Sunday, a lesson I really enjoyed and needed to hear.

Anonymous said...

The light will come...for me its in a small little pill! Kidding. Dont we all go through periods of sadness? Maybe I should think of what I am thankful for too! Great Post!

Connie said...

I emailed the library story to will feel much better about yourself once you read it and then my initials shall change from DFC to CDFC :) I always think...this too shall pass

Anita said...

I know, it's just cuz you miss us :) I like that phrase though "The light will come". And you know, it always does...

Thanks for sharing this post!

SCNONI said...

You must have gotten your funk from me because I've been the worst lately. I can't even stand myself. I'm doing better now. I think Jared's laugh helps. I wish I could bottle it...we'd make a fortune. Love Noni

Anonymous said...

Just so you'll know, I'm Anonymous. I thought you might like to know that so you wouldn't think some strange person was reading your stuff. Well, I guess I am a strange person, but you know what I mean.

Alona said...

Here's a hug...and its the kind you like cause there is no touching involved. I know that outside of the people in your home you are not a touchy kinda person so this one's for you.