Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did you hear the one about grape juice?

Last night I made it a point to put both of the children to bed early (8ish). Kiersten, who likes to think she's grown, usually stays up until about 9 and the conversation between the two of us went something that sounded like this.....

Me (in my patient mom voice): Kiersten, I think you need to go bed early tonight.

Kiersten: No I don't. I'm perfectly awake. ( This is after I caught her yawning and almost snoozing on the couch).

Me: I understand that. However, you've been at your dad's all weekend .......

Kiersten: It's against the rules to go to bed early.

Me: Whose rules?

Kiersten: Mine.

Me: Apparently you didn't get the memo that only me and your daddy could make the rules, let me get you a copy of that. Plus, you have purple shadow under your eyes.

Kiersten: I drank some grape juice today.

Me: Pardon?

Kiersten: Didn't you know that if you drink grape juice, you have purple shadows under your eyes? There's this new study out that says that somewhere.

Me: Really now?

Kiersten: Yes. It says if you drink the purple grape juice, the color comes up to your eyes and it looks like you're tired even though you're really not.

Me: Uh huh. I'll have to look that up tomorrow. In to bed with you....

Fast forward to this morning, the grape juice drinker is standing in the hallway looking sullen. When asked what is wrong, the response is "I'm tired".

Me (in the wise mommy voice): Well scooter, you went to bed early last night and actually went to sleep because I checked on you and you were zonked.

Kiersten: I guess it wasn't the grape juice.

Me: No my love, it wasn't the grape juice, but you get an A+ for effort.

By the way, she finished her book and is editing it now. Somedays she cracks me up.

Peace and love y'all!


Anita said...

So ingenius - Kiersten is such a hoot! She must take after her mother...

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely great! She looked like a cullen!

Tiff said...

Hey, at least the child is creative and quick on her feet! And it's only just begun!

Connie said...

Great Try Kiersten, you sound like your Mom, that is why she is on to your tricks!

scchesleys said...

That poor child will get away with NOTHING!!! Between all of her parents we've done pretty much everything in the book.