Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Greetings all you frozen people! I'm writing from the coziness of my office after fighting my way into downtown Cola town, amidst snow drifts, blowing snow, icicles on trees three feet long and shortages of bread and milk. Yes, I'm being silly. However, we did have a little bit of snow today (which accounts for the shortages of bread and milk) and a snow day for the children. Yesterday afternoon, Mike called all excited saying that he had heard on the radio that we were going to get 5 INCHES OF SNOW!!!! Call the National Guard, bring in the firewood and don't forget to go get bread and milk!

School was called off about 6 p.m. (they don't believe in taking chances I guess) and there was much rejoicing in my home. I was hoping that we would get more than a dusting so that I could stay at home and watch the Inauguration, but no such luck, a 2 hour delay was all we got. I did get to watch some of the festivities in D.C. thanks to MSN streaming live (shhh! don't tell!) and since the boss man is away at court in Dillon, I'm caught up.

A morning funny from Jared (who inherited a sense of the dramatic from somewhere): The little man comes into my bedroom this morning while I am watching tv trying to figure out if I'm working or not. He tells me, mom, it's snowing outside! I have to go play in it! It's a winter miracle!!! The miracle in that sentence is pronounced MEEERACLE. He then proceeds to dress in five seconds flat and off into the yard he goes. The real winter miracle is getting him into regular clothes that fast. If we're not going anywhere, it's a usual occurrence for him to stay in his jammies all day.

If you live in sunny SC, what did you do during "the winter storm of 2009?" That's really a bunch of bull-it was a light dusting that didn't stick, but I bet you can't find bread or milk anywhere.

Peace and love y'all!


Anita said...

Well, Olivia is jealous about the snow. We haven't had much accumulation here, though a number of flurries.

Also, Jared's pronunciation of 'miracle' reminds me of how Olivia said 'cigarette' for a whole year. It was 'seegret'. Like I know what that is! Ha!

Connie said...

hahaha...I used it as an excuse to sleep late, watch the inauguration and take a nap...I had good intentions of going to the office, really I did...it was that blizzard ya know.