Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank you Breta!!!

February is the month of "lurve" as Celion Dion says. It's also the birth month of Mike's mom, Breta. Most of you don't know her because she's been out west in the frozen tundra for most of her life now. Let me tell you about her a little bit. She's the daughter of Alfred and Betty Branham, only girl with four brothers. When she was in high school, she was a cheerleader and she could throw a plastic football over the stands and run to the end zone faster than the person with the football. She eventually married Mike's dad (Steven) and had three kids (Mike, Shauna and Amy).

Let me tell you what I love about her. She squeals like a girl when she's excited. It's so much fun to hear that when we're talking to her. She passed her smile down to Mike and now to Jared. Everytime I see the boys smile I see her. She's stronger than she thinks she is. She raised a wonderful man to take care of me and our kids. She has an infectious laugh. She thinks my kids are great and is always ready for a "kid story". She takes time to listen to the kids and when Jared told her "it's not boring but do we have to do it EVERY Sunday?" took it in stride as a 7 year old who doesn't like to talk on the phone. She doesn't pick on me about the "no crying allowed" things. She has long, tear filled talks with Mike and it makes him love her more. I always know that they've had a good long talk if Mike's eyes are red and puffy. She's a "feeling" person. She is a wonderful person and I couldn't have a better mother in law.

So, happy birthmonth Mama C! Thank you for all of the above, but most of all, thanks for being you. By the way, if you happen to read this, you can cry if you want to-I did.

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