Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a Blessing!

Some people may not think that their child's stepmother is a blessing. I do. Without Tish, Kiersten wouldn't get to half the places she needs to go or do half the things she wants to. Today, Miss K has to get 2 teeth pulled (don't get me on the subject of her teeth-we would be here forever!) and it would be difficult to get off of work today. However, I called Tish on Monday to ask if she could take her and bring her back home, and I got a "sure, no problem!". As I was thinking of my daughter's bonus mom, I was glad to know that we call each other at least once a week to talk about what's going on in Kiersten's life, the ups and downs of having an almost 12 year old girl-sometimes more downs than ups and sometimes it's just a roller coaster. We are very different people Tish and I. She is very girly and I have a hard time finding clothes that look right (if it's not on the mannequin put together I don't buy it!)-I buy a lot of black. I love reading and history and school in general, Tish doesn't like to read all that much, hates history, and enjoys math (me, not so much). She is stricter than I am about some things, and I'm the heavy on others. I'm a little more neurotic about planning stuff out than she is, but she goes with the flow. Usually you'll see both of us somewhere, each of us holding onto one of Kiersten's hands and cracking jokes to make her laugh.

Ben and Tish have been together since Kiersten was a toddler and have 2 precious little boys that have added to Kiersten's delight and angst. I'm glad that Ben found someone that he's happy with and that loves Kiersten as if she were her own. We're able to all be together for Kiersten and I tell people that we're one big happy family because Jared sometimes looks on Kiersten's youngest 2 brothers as little brothers of his own, my mom is called Nonnie by all the children, and Tish's sister is aunt Laura to Jared. Heck, my mom and Tish's mom have lunch together! It's a crazy, mixed up, blended up family kind of life. We've worked hard at it and it works for us.

So, thanks Tish who is right now on her way with "our" daughter to get her teeth pulled and buy her a milkshake (eaten only with a spoon- no dry sockets!). I couldn't have asked for a better bonus mom for Kiersten and I thank you.



connie said...

I LOVE the "bonus mom" title you have given Tish and it is awesome that you each have Kiersten's best interests at heart! You, of course would being her mom, but it is great that you have such a fabulous relationship.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was as fortunate as you are in that department!