Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This morning I was thinking about juggling. I love to watch people juggle and think people that can juggle are the most talented people on Earth. I can't juggle-at all. I can barely walk and chew gum and sometimes that is risky. Many moons ago, I was speaking with some YW and the subject of everything that we "have" to do came up. After thinking about it a little bit, I told them about juggling. Some of the things that you juggle are plastic and some are glass. You just have to be really careful not to drop the glass balls. As a wife and mother, my view of what is plastic and what is glass has changed and it's probably not the same for everyone.

What are the glass balls? The glass balls are things that, once broken, can't be put back together easily or at all. To me, these are relationships between me and Heavenly Father, my husband, my children, parents, and other family. These are the most important things to me in my life. It's hard to imagine a life without my family and it's painful when I think about the family that have died and I miss them so much.

What are the plastic balls? My plastic balls are things like work-it's important and I love my job, but if there came a time when it became more important than those glass ball relationships there would have to be something done about that. Another plastic ball is all the worldly stuff that I think is so important sometimes-tv schedules, clothes shopping, the never ending search for the perfect pair of black shoes.

Sometimes I feel that although all of the glass balls are up in the air and everything seems to be going well, one of those will slip and I'll catch it with my foot. I always think that's so cool when I see the jugglers do it, but it's not quite such a wow when it's a relationship that suffers. So, I'm juggling and trying to keep those glass balls in the air. Today I'm doing pretty well.


Anonymous said...

very well said Kristi. I needed this inspirational thought today.
thank you:-)

Anonymous said...

You are so dang smart! Can I have half your brain?! Is Mr Darcy considered a glass or plastic ball? Just wondering