Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pieces of me

This morning I was standing in the bathroom with my children as they brushed teeth and hair getting ready for the day. I was struck by the realization that these are MY children. I know, they're 11 and 7, a little late for me to just be realizing this but it hits me every day in some peculiar way.

Today, it was both of them looking at me in the mirror and making funny faces. I saw their faces and my face and thought to myself that these people are pieces of me. They are so different from each other but still have an underlying tie between the two of them. They are not so much alike in looks. Jared is his dad, I apparently had nothing to do with him except being an incubator. Kiersten looks more like me and has more of my temperment. However, they both have a goofy sense of humor (mine), horrid tempers (mine again), love to read (me again) and other things that I could list that are mine as well.

This year is a year of milestones for both of the kiddies. Kiersten will be 12 this year and it's hitting me especially hard as it draws nearer and nearer. She will no longer be a "child", she'll be a Young Woman. She is excited and I can feel her ever so slightly pulling away and learning to make her own decisions. I trust that she will remember what we've taught her and not make the same mistakes I have. Jared will be 8 and will be baptized. He is excited and is constantly asking how many more days until his birthday. The common refrain is, son, be patient, you have 5 months. He is the baby and his daddy's special boy so Mike will cry more than usual I tend to think.

It's amazing how I look back and time has flown for these two precious ones. It seems like yesterday they were babies. I love them so, they drive me batty, they bring me joy and tears and laughter. I guess my mom looks back at me and says the same thing. I think it's part of growing up.


connie said...

For some reason this post brought bittersweet tears to my eyes! Good job! They grow up soooo fast.
Love your blog. We even have the same background!

scchesleys said...

Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

Even though I haven't talked to her about it, I can guarantee you that YES, your mother has the same feelings about you and about your children...and her grandchildren.

Sometimes it almost takes my breath away when I see something of one of their grandparents in my children. For instance, Paul has hair exactly like my father did; it's curly and thick and dark, and yet neither of his (Paul's) parents have curly hair. My daughter Carrie can talk to ANYONE about anything, and I attribute that to both of her grandmothers. Both of my daughters are wonderful with children, and I can see my mother in their actions and reactions.

P.S. I just have to add that I can see where your daughter gets her writing ability. Your blog is great.