Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Mr. Darcy

What a strange title! Mr. Darcy-the "hero" of Austen's Pride & Prejudice, the epitome of every girl and woman's romantic ideal. Hey, even I jumped on the Darcy bandwagon after seeing the newer version of P&P (Matthew Macfayden-hoowhee!) I picked up a book a few months back called Me and Mr. Darcy about a young lady that goes on the Austen tour in England and runs into the real Mr. Darcy. She also has run ins with the lone male on the tour-an irritable journalist that comes along to see why women the world over say Mr. Darcy is the man that they'd most like to date. Typical story, Mr. Darcy ends up not being the person she would want in "real" life but she falls for the journalist. Not a bad book all in all.

Today, I was sitting beside my wonderful hubby-not a usual occurrence, most of the time we have at least one of the children between us. I looked over at this man and thought, wow, I'm so lucky to have him. He's kind and funny and silly. Not like the literary Mr. Darcy at all. I can't picture him saying the line "You have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love, I love you". He's not the flowers type (don't mention that pink heart-y holiday coming up-you'll get an earful). But, I know that he loves me and our children. He's a hundred thousand times better than Mr. Darcy in my book.

Well, Mr. Chesley and the kids are ready to go to another fun filled Sunday night at my parents home, until next time.


connie said...

You would probably have to share Mr. Darcy with Michelle anyways!
I always seem to like the bad boys i.e. the nefarious Mr. Wickham. Thank goodness I married a "good guy".

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Orlando! HA! But anyone that would say I bewitch them.....hoooowee fo sho! Love the blog! Watched 1940's Pride and Prejudice the other day...not so good!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Kristi!
didn't even realize you had a blog, how fun!
I am soooo going to rent the Pride and the Prejudice and see what the fuss is all about....he he he he
catch you later girl.


christy said...

Welcome to the Blogger world! I've read Pride & Prejudice - twice actually but it was so long ago and so many books ago that I don't remember much. I need to read it again! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I just have to share a conversation that took place between my Mr. Darcy and me after our last book club meeting...the one in which you and Michelle "highly encouraged" us to watch that walking through the mist "you've bewitched me" scene. Ya'll's (is that a word?) enthusiasm sparked a conversation between Carol and me on the way home in which I confessed that I had never really had a crush (so to speak) on anyone. Then, I began talking about my DH and what a great guy he is. I began to enumerate all of these great things I love about him, and Carol commented something like, "I thought you didn't have crushes." "That's not a crush," I said. "That's love."

Okay, I'm almost done here. So I got home, and he (my Mr. Darcy) seemed a little sulky so I began telling him about seeing the end of the movie and the ensuing conversation on the way home. He was quiet throughout all of this, and then he asked, "What else do you like about me?" Naturally, I was able to come up with lots of things (his big heart, his sexy voice, the way his hair always stays in place), and he smiled and said he thought the book club was good for both of us.

Anyway...just letting you know how you affected our household that night. Plus, it made me more aware of how I need to be more complimentary and appreciative of him everyday.