Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is Love?

Hello all-
Notice the title, it's a capital "L" in love. A few weeks ago, Mike and I were enjoying some well earned time by ourselves courtesy of granna feeling adventurous and having all of the grandkids spend the night (brave soul), and we went out to dinner at our local Olive Garden (love me some bread sticks). Anyway, as we're going to the car after finishing our meal, we both notice the older couple on the sidewalk in front of us. The man is tall and straight with silver hair and wearing dress pants and a polo with little tassely (sp?) shoes. The woman is small and straight, with hair just so and dressed in a dress, pumps with a matching handbag. She has her arm through his as they walk down the sidewalk to their car. As we are walking behind them, we also see another older couple coming to the sidewalk. He is also tall and straight and casually dressed. She is tall and willowy, but there's something not right. He's having to help her stand and walk. It looks like she's been the victim of a stroke or something else affecting one side of her body. As Mike and I stepped onto the grass, this gentleman helped his wife up onto the sidewalk and they moved into the restaurant. I remarked to my DH that those I wonder what we'll be like when we're older. He of course says, just like now older and a little shorter, but we will still love each other, probably more than today.

I've been thinking alot recently about those two couples and others that I see around me. What exactly is Love? My thoughts on that subject have changed through the years. In the teen years everything was bright and flashy and quickly crashed and burned. As I listen to teenagers today, I think about what some of them are looking for, looks, money, a cool car, whatever. That is love. They don't think about after those looks are no more, you're driving a broken down car b/c you've got kids to put through school or heaven forbid your spouse gets sick with some dread disease. I read an article a while back about Fmr. Supreme Court Justice O'Connor's husband who is stricken with Alzheimer's and is in a facility of some sort. He doesn't know who she is, who his children are, but he's found a new love there in the facility. Their family acknowledged this and pretty much said to the public, if he is is happy then they're happy, they love him and want him to be happy. That, my friends, is Love.

Here is my definition of Love: A feeling of peace, contentment, joy in being with someone else. This feeling is not affected by the mood of either individual or circumstance. Love is patient, kind (you guys know that verse, it's all true). Love is, for me, something you don't take lightly. It's not a passing fancy or crush. Love is knowing that the looks that attracted you may fade, but now you're more attracted to the heart. Mike isn't Brad Pitt, I'm not Shania Twain, but I know that he would be there for me to lean on walking down the sidewalk, helping me when I need it (although sometimes I won't ask for it-I'm stubborn like that). He knows that I am there to support him, lift him when he's down and generally make his life wonderful :-)

That my friends, is Love.


connie said...

Yes, I am crying...isn't love great! Plus the more you give the more you never runs out.

T&R Selzer said...

Awww! I love this.

Alona said...

Very nice. I am glad that we get a peek into you heart sometimes. It is a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing. I am also glad that I knew to look for love the second time around, because the adventure and the looks sure did not get me very far the first time. I look back now and am not sure what I seen the first time.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post. I too have noticed couples of all ages and from all walks of life and have found myself pondering what brought them together and keeps them that way.

Anonymous said...

Love is great! I Love reading your blogs with a capital L~