Monday, June 9, 2008

Bringing You Up to Date....

Hello all,
We've survived the first really hot weekend of the summer (highs in the 100s). Mike has survived yet another deep sea fishing trip (barely and he's still feeling the effects almost a week later). Kiersten is getting ready to go to girls camp for the first time and Jared will be going to Cub Scout daycamp at the end of the month.

Mike went with a group of friends from church deep sea fishing on Wednesday, thinking that the first pukefest about 5 years ago was maybe a fluke. Well, it wasn't. The poor guy had been popping dramamine from Monday before going on Wed. He said he was fine until about an hour in (only halfway to the destination 50 miles off the coast of Charleston), then it did not go well. He did manage to catch some fish but I really don't think he cared. He ended up getting sunburned only on his face (hanging off the boat and the sun reflecting off the water and all that). To add insult to injury because his lip was burned, he's got fever blisters all the way across his lip. He said the pain in his lip woke him up a few times last night.He's also being ragged by the Bishop about the whole thing. He and Kiersten went to the temple on Friday and the good Bishop asked if he would be okay doing baptisms because the water was a little choppy. Silly Bishop.

Kiersten is leaving for camp on Wednesday and it promises to be an adventure. They're going to an actual camp with cabins and a pool, rock wall and zip line. When asked if she was going to go on the rock wall, the fearless child said of course, who cares that it's 40 feet up in the air. She's even more excited about the zip line. It's a good thing I'm not going, I'd need some Miss Clairol for sure. She's very excited about the whole thing, her first time away from home without a parental unit (unless you count a few days at the beach with her BFF last summer). She'll be back on Saturday and I hope everything goes well.

Jared is being himself, just kind of hanging out. He goes to Cub Scout day camp the last full week of the month (same week that his dad will be at Boy Scout camp). He's progressing nicely in the Cub Scouts, got his 2nd belt thingy last week. He should get his Bobcat badge at the next pack meeting (I think next week?), he only has 2 more requirements for that and we're going to work on them this week. He's keeping up with his reading and is not all that impressed with the Lego thing that he bought with his birthday money (it apparently is not as indestructible as he thought). He keeps telling me he needs to glue the thing together but he won't stop playing with it and changing it long enough for me to glue it.

That's the report for right now. It's too hot to think deep thoughts. love to all!

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