Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off to Camp She Goes.....

Yesterday I dropped Kiersten off at the church to go to Girls Camp for the first time. As I said earlier, she's excited and ready to go and hang out with her friends. I stuck around until everyone was packed into the cars and they were on their way. As I drove home, I felt a little pit in the bottom of my stomach. You know, the kind you get when you leave your first child at daycare for the first time, the first time they spend the night with a friend, the first day you leave them at school. It's another first for her and I'm glad she's able to go. I told Mike the other day that I'm glad she's flying a little bit on her own now and it's a little from the nest. She's always been a little more adventurous and more able to accept changes than Jared, she'll get on a roller coaster in a heart beat, I've never had to worry about her going to a new class (although she did have a little bit of an issue last year changing schools and all). She'll have a blast and I'll hear all about it when she gets home.

As I was doing my morning flit around the blogs, I came across Cindy's blog about sending her daughter off to camp and the memories that she had of camp. I had to laugh at that because she and I have some of the same memories. Some of my (now) fond memories of camp:

Running with the bull. If you weren't there you don't understand. We even got little medals. However, watching Crystal's mom and aunt Libby clear a gate like Superman was something I'll never get out of my head.

The camp with the pool (only one time in all the years that I went to camp that we had a pool). Watching Sis. Barentine go off the high dive and thinking "that's not going to be pleasant".

Camp Appletree in the NC mountains, it rained all week and we were all sopping wet. However, being in the testimony meeting and watching the clouds come over the mountains like a wave was really cool. That was my favorite year I think just because of all the spiritual experiences, like that final testimony meeting.

Camp Hell(that's my name for it anyway) at Sis. Marsh's family cow pasture. I learned how to conserve water and put together a shower out of a hoola hoop, a shower curtain and a wooden pallet. I got chiggers on my feet so bad I couldn't wear shoes and my mom ended up giving the Bishop and Stake pres. a piece of her mind for putting "her girls" (she was YW Pres. at the time) in a hell hole.

It's funny how now the craziest things stick out in your mind. They may be funny, sad, spiritual or bad memories but I'm glad I've got them.


connie said...

I was thinking of the year Michelle's cabin had a family of snakes in it! And there were mice running through the showers! So much for cabins, give me a tent anyday! It was ALWAYS a spiritual experience. The cabin I stayed in this weekend reminded me of girl's camp without all the wide awake girls! And I'm glad I am not in that heat this week!!!

T&R Selzer said...

This is so funny. Now I feel the need to ponder on my camp experiences. I know she'll have a good time and Kiersten will talk about it for weeks and years to come!

Alona said...

Keely was excited that she was going to be there with Kiersten for her(Kiersten's) first year. She was one of the older girls who went a day early. They had a lot of really fun things planned and I know Kiersten and Keely will have a great time. Oh and dont worry, you know Keely watches out for her anyway.

scchesleys said...

I am really blessed that the older YW look out for the younger ones. I know that Keely, Sharon and Addy will look out for her.