Monday, March 24, 2008

A post just for Connie....

Today I received a slacker email from a dear friend (hello dear friend Connie) reminding me that I had not posted anything in a week and a bit. So, here are my ruminations over the past week...

1. So long crazy biker/nurse/screamer/singer on American Idol. Amanda of the crazy hair needed to learn to enunciate and maybe sing something slower. She said ballads are boring. Has she never heard the Monster Ballads CD? Some of the COOLEST Ballads were done by hair bands. Now Kristy Lee whatshername needs to leave and we'll have us a show. Also, what's up with David "Could I be a balding rocker?" Cook's hair?

2. I am back on dish washing duty since Mike took pity on Kiersten and she no longer has to wash the dishes. Instead she now has to do the clothes (hang and fold-not wash). I personally would rather do dishes because I can wash 4 loads of laundry a day. That's a lot of clothes (most of them are hers).

3. I'm still waiting for new books to come out. My 2 B bought list is up to 7 books by September and it starts in May. I think I get a break in July, but I'm not too sure about that. A few are in hardback but they are usually reasonably priced as long as I get them at Wally-World the week they come out. I was telling DFC (dear friend Connie) that I need an allowance just for books. Note to self---talk to Mike about said allowance. If Kiersten gets one, I think I deserve one as well.

4. We got our notice about the IRS economic stimulus package on Friday. Can I get a WOOHOO! That pays for the kid's bathroom redo this summer and a little in savings.

5. I am pretty much caught up at work which is in and of itself a small miracle. I still have stacks on my desk just so that my boss won't think I need anything else put on my desk that tends to migrate from his desk with a scribble on it.

6. An answer to one of the great questions posed in the why post a few weeks ago. The question: Why do cars in England drive on the left and we drive on the right? Answer: From The Book of Totally Useless Information---I'm cutting it down for the sake of space. In the 1700s in England, coachmen sat on the right side of the carriage. If the carriage traveled down the right side of the road, the whip would have whacked people. So, they stayed to the left so that the coachman could use his whip and pedestrians could meander safely.

There you have it. A post for Connie. Maybe now that I'm back in the swing, I'll post again tomorrow, this time about the weekend.


connie said...

Now that wasn't so hard was it! LOL
Thanks by the way, now I sound totally obnoxious! Ha. Ha.

scchesleys said...

Not hard at all, just needed something to "put down on paper". You're not obnoxious and from now on you're DFC.

Anonymous said...

I love it! You're so dang witty!

Alona said...

Random but informative all at the same time. Im inpressed. lol

Anonymous said...

very nice Kristy! If you need to borrow Derrick to wash your dishes you are more than welcome too! LOL
I love having 5 kids...that just means that I won't have to do dishes for the next 10 years! he he he he
maybe I should rent them out!
I am totally joking!!!!
I found your explanation for driving on the wrong side of the road pretty interesting, however could you find out WHY the peeps in the Bahamas even have driver's license...Not only do they drive on the wrong side of the road, they just about run the heck over each other!! LOL
Ok~ i am rambling due to much caffiene!!!
talk to you later!