Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Normal Strangeness

Hello all in the bloggerverse! It's been a crazy week all the way around, usually one place I go (i.e. work or home) is normal. Not so this week. Jared's been sick, Mike is in a funk, Kiersten is on the teenage roller coaster, work is out of control. But, I have the car and a nice drive and peace once I drop the little man off at school. As I was contemplating the goings on this week, I decided that I'm a tad odd. I know, this is no surprise to some but sometimes it sneaks up on me. Examples of my regular, everyday strangeness

-eating one thing at a time, nothing touching, thing I dislike most gets eaten first

-hating to go under bridges where there are cars sitting in traffic. This is weird even for me. I go under the I-126 bridge every morning coming to work and I'm always afraid that this is the day that it's going to fall smack on top of my car. Yes, there are ways to get to work without having to go that way, but they are longer and more stop lights.

-Going a different way to and fro just in case I'm being followed. Sometimes I go a different way everyday to see if I ever was followed and had to change up the routine, just how many ways I can get to my office.

-Going around logging trucks or any trucks with stuff hanging off the back of it as fast as my little MPV will carry me. I know in my head that those things are tied down, but I always think about a boat flying off or a log coming off. Where would I go? Is the ditch safe or would said flying whatever still hit me?

-Not liking to drive in the country without someone else in the car. Connie knows about this b/c I wouldn't drive to Carol's by myself for fear that car would break down, there wouldn't be cell phone reception, I would walk to a nearby house and never be seen or heard from again. Go ahead and laugh Connie.

-tapping my incoming work mail on my desk to settle any crazy powder that an unstable unemployed person sent to me.

So, what are some of your weirdness things? Have a lovely day!


connie said...

Trust me I am laughing!!! Guess what everybody loves you anyway!
I have terrible OCD tendencies so that could be qualified as weird. I have this undeniable urge to straighten crooked pictures. to say in the least...

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA! I compulsively check my email 6000 times a day. Thats kinda weird!