Thursday, March 27, 2008

Make each day a special day

This is the last post for the week probably unless I am struck by the bluebird of inspiration, which probably won't happen but one never knows when you're going to get blindsided by a bird.

Yesterday as I was listening to my favorite morning show (Bob & Sheri out of Charlotte), they were talking to people where one day had changed the course of their entire life. Example, a single mom received a check from her dad for $50,000 from an inheritance. Sheri accepted a job to be Bob's co-host and changed where she lived, worked and pretty much everything in her life. I was thinking I haven't had really life changing days, but I try to find something about each day that will make it special. Some things I have thought about recently

-that first really blue blue SC sky in the springtime (before the pollen turns the air yellow)

-an unexpected hug and sniggle from your child

-a thank you from someone that you helped at your job (and they actually mean it)

-the first spring flowers or a Bradford pear tree budding out

-hearing from a friend just to chat about books that you love (just got off the phone w/ Crystal----Crystal + Edward Cullen 4 ever)

-laughing at yourself at line dancing class at church (what fun we had last nite and Michelle always gets me in trouble)

I found that it's important for me to sit down after the kids are in bed, have a little quiet time and think about all that's happened in the day. Usually I can find something that would make it a special day. What about you?


Alona said...

That was a good time last night. I am seriously going to take Michelle to the addiction class to help her with her drug problem. I am sure she much have one. LOL. Just kidding. Michelle is just very Michelle. It was fun with you two. We will have to do some dancing at our next girls night. Thinking in April.

connie said...

I miss all the good stuff. Yeah, Michelle is just Michelle, she comes by it honestly! Is a sniggle the same as a snuggle? I am really not being sarcastic I just like to know things like that.
in case I miss something. I guess I am going to break down and go by BAM and get the other two books I haven't read. Do you think Edward would look like Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire? Talk about some Hottie!!!

scchesleys said...

A sniggle is better known as an eskimo kiss. Kiersten called them sniggles when she was little. Edward to me doesn't look like BP from IwaV. She writes him as pale but with reddish hair. I'm getting my Twilight back from Crystal today. I so 'cited!

Anonymous said...

At night I might think about the special day stuff, but it's not until the next morning that I write about it. About a dozen years ago a friend and I both started writing at least five things per day that we were grateful for, and doing that has really sharpened my focus and helped me to look for the hidden beauty in every single day. Some days are super (like when we went to Nashville earlier this week), but even ordinary days are good. Today I saw soft pink buds on a tree in front of the house...beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Well obviously I need to stop working so hard and read blogs! I do not have an addiction problem (of course denial is the first step) and if you cant be bad with your friends who can you be bad with? Im glad Im me and ya'll put up with me anyway!