Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Musings about Kiersten and American Idol

Greetings all-I am basking in daughter happiness at the moment. Kiersten is at that in between stage where her moods can swing radically and it's somewhat frightening to behold. My mother just laughs and laughs, but anyway. Last evening, I had the pleasure of spending time with the not so baby girl by ourselves (the boys were fishing until late). I had a blast! We talked, we laughed, Kiersten almost shot fruit punch out of her nose! After eating dinner out, we went back home and watched the idiot box for a while (American Idol was on). I actually heard my daughter squeal for the first time last night when we were watching Dancing with the Stars and they announced that The Jonas Brothers were going to be on. Cue Kiersten squealing and almost hyperventilating. I don't see what the big whoop is, but then again if Mr Darcy came walking through the mist I would probably squeal and hyperventilate as well-maybe even fall over, I'm not sure. We talked about the progress of her story (200+ pages people!) and her upcoming birthday and just silly stuff. It's quite interesting because a lot of people see Kiersten as a quiet, reserved, very shy person, and she is like that until you get to know her and then she's loud and silly and very funny and can cop an attitude with the best of them. I love her so, she makes me bonkers, I don't know what I would do without her.

On to AI---the top 10 performed songs from the year of their birth this week. It was actually quite scary that I was a teenager when most of these people were born. The ones that stood out for me were Michael Johns (the one that sang the Queen songs), Carly Smithson (sang Total Eclipse of the Heart) and David Cook (sang Billie Jean), David Archuleta (didn't catch his song title) and Brooke White (sang Every Breath You Take). Michael Johns---I do love Queen! Some people try to sing it and it just is sick and wrong-you've got to have a great big voice to sing Freddie. MJ did a great job. Carly Smithson---our resident Irish tattooed person. I really love her voice and although the judges weren't all that big on it, that's a crazy hard song to sing but she has just enough raspy to do it. David Cook knocked it out of the ballpark with the Chris Cornell version of Billie Jean (never want to hear the Michael Jackson version again!). David A. is just so darn cute and he's got a really nice voice-Simon was right though, it did sound kind of theme-parkish. Brooke took the most famous stalker song of all time and made it sound like a love song. Even Sting has said that he gets a kick out of people thinking it's a love song when it's actually stalkerish. I can't remember where I read/heard that so right now it's the gospel according to me. I'll be DVRing the show tonight. Who do I think is out? Bottom three will be Ramiela, Chikezie and Jason C (dredlock boy), Ramiela will be hitting the doors.

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connie said...

You know, I just never have watched Idol that much. I did watch it last week with the Beatles songs for a minute or two.
I am glad you and Kiersten had a great time. There's an in-between time that is not much fun and then they grow up and you can be friends.