Monday, September 22, 2008

A Few Pictures for this evening

Hello all-

As Kiersten sits here reading over my shoulder, I'm finally able to post some pics of the dog and Jared in his new hunting garb.

This is Sally, our new addition. She is a sweet puppy who saved Mike and I from a particularly vicious roll of toilet paper last night. I woke up this a.m. to find the scattered remains by our bedroom door and a very tired Sally by the bed. When we come home, it's a dash to the door (for her to potty) and then jumping and playing. She seems to be getting along with Buster pretty well. She jumps on his head and he seems to tolerate her.

Jared and his new camo. He's actually more excited about hunting than he seems in this picture. I think he's just so tired here that he doesn't care. But you can't see him can you?

More later, that's all folks!


Connie said...

He's probably thinking...just take the picture MOM...I have other things to do...important boy stuff LOL

scchesleys said...

Important boy stuff that mom doesn't know about and probably shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Boy stuff is highly important, just ask Hunter! Boo Yah!