Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mommy, I'm armed with a ruler...

Yesterday, while I was on the phone with Kiersten for the "I'm home and safe and all is well" call, I heard a bang, a shriek and feet running. About to jump through the phone, I'm asking her what's wrong, what happened? This is the conversation that followed (please read her parts in your best drama queen impersonation) :

Me: Kiersten, what happened?

Kiersten: Mommy (pant pant pant) the back door flew open and there might be SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE!!!!

Me: Kiersten, where are you?

Kiersten: I'm in your bathroom with the door closed. I need the key to the gun cabinet.


Kiersten: Mommy, I'm armed with a ruler, do you REALLY think that will do any good against someone with a gun????

Me: You are not getting the key to the cabinet! Okay. I'm going to call the next door neighbor and have him come over and check the house. STAY WHERE YOU ARE and I'll call you back.

Kiersten: Okay

After a minute or so, couldn't get in touch with the neighbor. At this point, remembered that the back door will fly open if it's not latched properly(it's done it to me a few times late at night and scared the bejesus out of me) and Mike had been out that morning. I call back.

Kiersten: Hello?

Me: Hey sweetie, is everything okay?

Kiersten: I guess so.

Me: I want you to walk into the front of the house and out the front door and go next door.

Kiersten: I'm already in the front of the house armed with the ruler, I'm checking the rooms. The bathroom is dark and suspicious.

Me: Kiersten, your bathroom has no outside source of light-of course it's going to be dark! Are you not scared anymore?

Kiersten: No, I'm good.

Me: I'll stay on the phone while you check the rooms.

Kiersten: The office is scary, I'm not going in there.

Me: Didn't you have to go in there to get the phone when you got home?

Kiersten: Oh RIGHT! Okay mom, I've finished checking the rooms and there's no one in the house.

Me: I told you, it was just the back door.

Kiersten: Maybe it was a GHOST!!!!

Me: I'm not talking about ghosts with you, don't mention that to your daddy, I'll be home in a few minutes.

The joy of having a child with an overactive imagination. By the way, if any of you tell her I wrote about the whole thing, I'll have to deny it.


connie said...

Hysterical laughter...the cone of silence is in place. She'll not hear one word from me. Mike have issues with ghosts? LOL
Good to know everything was the result of an over active imagination and not something serious! It is very hard to give a child enough independence to stay home alone and not worry yourself sick.

scchesleys said...

Ghosts freak Mike out but he believes that aliens are watching us. Go figure! when she first started staying at home it worried me, but now I'm okay with it, except when she asks for the key to the gun cabinet. She's only home for about an hour before I get there.

Alona said...

We call our ghost Larry. He is who we now blame for everything weird that happens. Weither it be the door moving or a noise we hear. It is always Larry. Poor thing, gets blamed all of the time for not getting the chores done.
Poor Larry....

Please call me nxt time. If Paul is home I can get to her in three mins.