Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crap! She hit me!

I figured if I laid low, no one would tag me but alas, no such luck. Michelle tagged me and now here are 7 random things about me

1. I'm a closeted 80's hair band junkie.
2. I don't like scary movies AT ALL!
3. I like vampire novels (does seem quite strange after 2, but it is what is is)
4. My first name is Jessica (Mike didn't know that until about 2 weeks before we got married).
5. My middle name is Christina (spelled exactly like that even though I spell my name with a K)
6. I read while my boss is gone on trips since there's nothing else to do at the office.
7. My dream trip is England, Scotland, Ireland, Russia and New Zealand

I tag Connie, Jayne and Laresa (someone might need to tell her)


connie said...

Laresa's computer crashed! thanks a bunch Jessica know everyone knows everything about me!

Anonymous said...

I totally did not even know your name was Jessica!!!
I think I'll start referring to you as SIS. Jessica Chesley...LOL

scchesleys said...

I only sign my "real" first name on work documents like answers and occasionally letters. Otherwise, I don't answer to it at all.

Alona said...

I think I knew most of those. I did not realize how much I knew about you. Weird. I guess we have had a connection for a while now. It is weird to think how long I have been watching Jared for you. hum....

Anonymous said...

I knew all this junk! YOu can never lay low! HA HA