Monday, August 17, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Last night on the way home, Mike and I were talking to Kiersten about not growing up too fast, and how this stage of her life is seeming to fly by (for all of those who are just tuning in, Kiersten is 13 going on 20). It doesn't seem like this tiny child that was just itty bitty yesterday should be going to 8th grade today. It's even worse for Jared (who is 9 and perfectly happy not to go to school), because he's the baby that we just brought home it seems like just a few hours after Kiersten. During our own late night conversation, Mike and I realized that pretty soon (to us), Kiersten would be going to dances, driving, dating, going to college, getting married and then all of a sudden we would be grandparents, with Jared right behind her--starting Boy Scouts, dances, dating, mission, college, married and more grandchildren! Where have our babies gone? They are the teenager in her room writing a story or 15. They are the boy that is fast losing his "baby face" and becoming his own person.

I took Jared to school this morning for the first day of 4th grade. Usually these occurrences are traumatic for all involved simply because he can't stand to go to school. But today, it was easy. Of course, he wouldn't let me hold his hand, even though I needed it more than he did. I got the "mom, you've already told me this a thousand times, don't make me roll my eyes at you" look when I told him something for the 1001 time. I remembered on the way to work that first day of Kindergarten when he was excited but the closer he got to the door, you could see him walking slower and slower until we got to his classroom and he refused to budge. We were all crying that day, it just about killed us to leave him with someone we didn't know while he was crying. This morning he asked "so, you're going to walk in with me?" and I told him yes, unless he didn't want me to do that. He said "no, that's okay, I don't mind". There may be just a little bit of the little boy still in there. I hope so.

I've got to go now so I can go sit in a dark room and cry for a bit. I'll post an update on the first days for the kids maybe tomorrow.

peace and love y'all!


Anita said...

Yep... before you know it you're going to be 2 old people, retired and taking life easy! :) I can't believe Jared and Kiersten are so grown. And we're not going to be that far behind you, come to think of it.

Connie said...

time does fly! Such a sweet post Kristi...wiped a tear or two meself! Haha to Anita...I don't think you ever get to "take it easy" b/c you have grandchildren and elderly parents to care for etc.

SCNONI said...

Yes, and I will be the crazy GREAT-Grandmother at some time in the (we hope)far future. I makes my heart hurt to see MY babies babies growing up too fast.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet post.Yes, before you know it that little boy will be serving a mission and later getting married, and he'll be wanting someone else to hold his hand besides Mom. Still, IT'S ALL GOOD!

Treasure these precious moments and take a lot of pictures.