Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Picture Post

Hello all,

I have some time today (read I don't feel like doing anything), so I'm catching up sharing my pictures with you. I downloaded from my camera the other day and was amazed that I had so many pictures. Won't post all 376 of them, just the ones I like the best. I'll post where, when and who so you know what's going on. On with the show......

Savannah, GA April '09. Saw this little place while Mike and I were walking 3000 miles and thought "that's just the cutest little place!"

Forsyth Park, Savannah. I fell in love with the city of Savannah during our long weekend. The history, architecture, pralines....

Forsyth Park is really quite beautiful, lots of open space and huge trees. A lovely little oasis in the city. I think I wouldn't mind living in Savannah.

Just a little something we picked up at Bass Pro Shops. In Mike's fondest wish!

Tybee Island Lighthouse. Yes dear readers, Mike and I climbed to the top. I wouldn't mind vacationing for a few months on Tybee. Very peaceful and beautiful homes and lovely beaches.

The kids July '09. From left: Jared, Olivia, Kelsey, Kiersten and Connor.

For all of those just tuning in, Jared and Kiersten are my kids, they are 9 and 13. Olivia, Kelsey and Connor are my brother's children. They are 9, 5, and 1.

Aren't they all just the cutest?! I can't believe how grown up they all are getting.

The girls. Kelsey is such a poser! Gosh, Kiersten is just gorgeous! I'm her mother, I'm biased. It's amazing that I've watched her grow for these 13 years. How she has changed, from little baby who wouldn't sleep to this beautiful young woman ***sniff, sniff****.

The boys. Jared was so happy when Connor was born, he did a happy little booty shake that there was another boy. I don't think he realized that Connor wouldn't be ready to play for a few years. I'm sure Jared will set a great example for Connor, hunting, fishing, shooting fireworks, aggravating sisters. You know, boy stuff.

Part of the grand finale for 4th of July. Yes dear readers, those are 31 mortar tubes connected with fuse to all go off around the same time. The big boys also had 5 big boxes of stuff that went off before. Mike LOVES fireworks!

Tried to upload the video, but didn't work, I'll come back to it later.

Thanks for taking a look, I'll be posting more pictures hopefully ( I just have to get motivated and nothing motivates me more than trying to find a way out of housework).

Until next time

Peace and love y'all!


Anita said...

Great pics! I love the ones of the kids together. I agree - they are just the cutest. You should blow that one up that you did on the tree branch and give it to mom for her birthday!

Christy said...

Awesome photos - a veritable photo journal! Oh, Lacey pointed out Jared at church Sunday (ya'll were farther in front of us). She said, "that Jared boy needs to some back to our house." LOL

SCNONI said...

I'm with Lacey about Jared. I don't know what it is about him but all the younger girls at church just love to be around him. Emily and Kelsey chased him all around the yard and Haley loves hanging out with him at choir practice. These were good pictures