Monday, December 1, 2008

Finishing Up (Better late than never)

Well all, it's been a hectic but fulfilling November. I'm going to finish up the thankful posts today (only one day late) and then we'll move to something else. This final list has been rolling around for the last few days but I've just gotten a spare moment. So, here goes the final 9 things I'm thankful for....

1. Extended family. After spending Turkey day with a bunch of people that I only get to see a few times a year, I'm so thankful for all of them. From the oldest member of our family to the almost youngest (not counting Connor), we're a wacky kind of family. And of course, the craziest of all, cousin William who thinks I'm just the best thing ever (who am I to tell him I'm not?). Also included in that whole crazy mess is Mike's family and Kiersten's extended family. I love them all.

2. A car. My car is currently in the shop being diagnosed with something horrid so we're borrowing dad's "going to the flea market" van. It's hard to look stylish in the van, but, I'm grateful to have wheels to take us places and heat.

3. Speaking of heat... I hate the cold. I'm thankful for heat in my home, my car and my little electric blanket that Mike harasses me to turn on.

4. Legs. I was thinking that I'm thankful for my legs. I can walk, run, skip, hop and sometimes cartwheel (don't ask to see it-it's not pretty) all because of my legs. Sometimes you take the most mundane things for granted.

5. Prayer. I'm so thankful that I can speak with my Father in Heaven whenever, however and about whatever I choose. His line is never busy and he always listens to me. He knows what I need before I can ask for it, but I do need to ask. Sometimes He's going to tell me yes, sometimes He's going to tell me no or not right now, but He always has my best interests in mind and an eternal perspective.

6. A job. I love my job and I'm thankful to have it. I deal with lots of people in the safety of an office. I work for and with great people. At this time when so many people are jobless, I'm jobful.

7. Jesus Christ. I'm thankful that He took upon Himself my sins, that he suffered so that I wouldn't have to. He is my advocate, my elder brother, my friend. I can't go through the holidays without reflecting on His birth, resurrection and the Atonement.

8. Animal Planet. I love Animal Planet, it's a fountain of knowledge for useless facts. Who knew that primates can't swim because their bones are heavy and they have very little fat? Found out on Animal Planet. It feeds my dog training need (thank you Victoria Stillwell) and gives me all sorts of stuff to talk about with Jared.

9. You. I am thankful for all of you. Whether you be family, friends or occasional passersby, thank you for stopping by my little part of cyberspace.

Well, I think that's it. This has been an interesting little exercise, thinking of things to be thankful for. Sometimes they were serious, sometimes mundane but it really made me think.

Peace and love y'all!


Anonymous said...

we are thankful for you too!
(I wanna see the cartwheel)

Connie said...

We demand cartwheels!!!

I suggest therapy for the dog training need thingy :)


scchesleys said...

I can tell you, never will I attempt another cartwheel, I threw something out the last time I tried and it wasn't pretty. I'll skip, hop like a bunny or whatever, but no more cartwheels.

Anonymous said...

the bunny hop or skipping would be a good alternative!

Anita said...

I missed you guys on Thanksgiving! I had to stop and think who the heck William was, though. Then I remembered... Skookie! And I'm glad you didn't include Connor in the screwy category :)