Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am Thankful for....Part 2

Let's see, what am I thankful for today?

1. The deer that Mike ambushed and shot last night. You deer season widows will understand. I feel sorry for Bambi's daddy, but happy that Mike finally got a deer. That means he'll be home a good bit more (woohoo!).

2. Agency (as in freedom to make our choices). One of the great parts of our Heavenly Father's plan is our ability to choose our own way-good, bad or ugly. We make bad choices and have to deal with the consequences of our actions. We make good choices and receive blessings. It's simple, but very important.

3. The Church. Who would have thought that a boy prophet that everyone thought was loony would establish a church that would grow to however millions of members in all different parts of the world? This is my testimony, to be added to millions of others, I know it's true, I'm blessed by its teachings.

4. Kiersten. I'm thankful for the baby girl, she'll ever know how much. She brought light into my life at a time of overwhelming darkness and although we sometimes bicker, she's a wonderful child. She's talented and funny and smart and wise beyond her years. She's had to grow up in a different way than most of her friends, but she adapted well. I just look at her sometimes and feel this overwhelming sense of love for this precious angel.

5. Jared. He is the most helpful child I've ever been around. He is so funny, I laugh constantly. He's also my hugger, he gives the very best hugs and seems to know exactly when to say "mom, do you need a hug?". He loves to build things and learn stuff (just not in school). He is more outgoing than his sister, he never met a stranger and people just love him. He's also really good with younger kids. He's his dad in miniature.

6. Grass. Not to get too serious here, but fluffy green grass in the springtime that you can walk barefoot in without hurting yourself. I long for fluffy grass, but alas, I have regular everyday grass that turns into spikes if it gets dry.

7. Friends. I have great friends all over the place. It's funny that some of the friends that I thought would always be around have fallen by the wayside, but others have come in to take their places and my life is made richer by knowing them.

8. Mike. I can't leave my best friend out. He will never know how much I love him. I've loved him forever and will continue to love him through eternity. He puts up with my moods (they are many and varied) and my silliness. I feel somewhat incomplete without him. I'm moving into cheese territory so I'll move on.

I think that brings me up to date. Today is the 18th, so I'm on track. Today was a tad more serious than I thought it would be, but some days are just like that.

Peace and love y'all!


Anonymous said...

Where can we find soft squshy grass?I like to walk in it too. If I see some, I shall call you and we could politely knock on the door and ask to squish our toes in the grass. Whatcha think?

Connie said...

Well thank you for the nod in #7 :)
next time mention my name and you might get a prize LOL

scchesleys said...

I think that's a wonderful idea. For some reason Kiersten's dad's lawn is fairly squishy. I guess that's one of the advantages of working in landscaping.


Will that do?

Jayne said...

I'm glad to see that your writer's block is gone. I especially love your comments about your children.

Anita said...

That's one bonus about the grass in Oklahoma - I can walk barefoot through it without pain or fear of fire ants!