Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick post

Hello all,
Every Sunday on our way to church, we listen to some sort of church music (hoping to get everyone reverent and in the right frame of mind-sometimes it works, other times not so much). Anywho, lately we've been listening to the 2008 YW CD called Steadfast and Immovable. The music is always so moving, but this year, one of the songs hit me very hard and here are the lyrics from Jenny Phillips' website:

To Become Like Him
Jenny Phillips/Tyler Castleton

You look around you
And you wonder if you’ll measure up
In this world it seems you may never be enough
Don’t let anyone convince you that it’s true
So much beauty lives inside of you
And you are enough
Just look up

Remember you are greatest
When you walk with God
When His light is in your eyes
You are truly strong
You don’t have to prove your beauty
In the eyes of men
You are divine within
You were sent here to become like Him

When you’re uncertain
Of the place you hold and who you are inside
He will share with you your part in His design
Seek for His meekness
Seek to emulate His life
And you will feel Him always by your side
You have His love
Just look up


Holiness, love, good works, mercy
To be like Him
Charity, hope, truth, and wisdom
To be like Him


I think this is definitely inspired, not just for the youth and the YW, but for all of us. We are enough, we have our Heavenly Father's love, we don't have to prove anything to man, we are divine.

Just a thought---peace and love y'all


Connie said...

Thanks!!! Beautiful!

Michelle said...

I'm glad that you love this song. It is my fav off of this year's CD. You will be happy to know that Mari will be singing this in the YW program this year !!!!