Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Step away from the ....

Hello again dear reader,
I've been thinking about this post for a while and thought since I have some time, might as well do it now. We are living in a digital age where everyone is connected all the time. There are scandals it seems like all the time where someone posts something on a social networking site that embarrasses them, their family and possibly even their pets.

A few simple suggestions from me (take them, leave them, be offended or laugh, it matters not to me). These may sound prudish, but they're my feelings and you can't change them.

1. Think before you post. Self explanatory right? Apparently not. If you wouldn't say it in front of your elderly granny or very young child, you may not want to post it.

2. If you don't want it all over the world, don't post it. This goes for good news, bad news, any kind of news really. It's kind of like a secret, if you don't tell anyone, it won't get around.

3. Make sure your parts are covered up! Yes, you may think you're the best looking thing on the planet but most of us don't want to see you posing in your bathroom mirror partially unclothed.

4. If you have an issue with someone, go to that person and speak to them about it, there's no need for the internet and all your friends/followers to get involved.

5. If you are a high profile person, act like it! We expect people that have high profile jobs, such as Mayor, Governor, Congressman or President to have a little sense and not post something potentially embarrassing or is going to get you in deep trouble. It sounds again like common sense doesn't it?

6. Just because you can type it doesn't mean you need to "say" it. I'm grateful as the day is long to live in a country where I can say, type, sing or yell what I want. However, that does not give me the right to be mean, rude, crude, offensive or down right nasty to someone else, either in person or in writing.

7. If someone tells you "I deleted that message, video, picture, etc. months ago" don't believe them unless you deleted it yourself and wiped it off of their phone, computer, whatever, never to be seen again.

Maybe a good rule of thumb would be, write down what you intend to post on paper, put it somewhere safe for thirty minutes or so (longer if you're angry). After you have watched an episode of your favorite TV show, read a few chapters of a good book, taken a walk, played with your kids for awhile, if it still sounds like something you would be proud to have your name beside, post away.

Did I follow my own advice? Yep. Left it for about an hour, made revisions and am now posting it.

Peace and love y'all!


Anonymous said...


Anita said...

Thanks for the etiquette reminder! I always have to be careful what I post - my mother reads my blog and she's a missionary! :-)

p.s. Your background on your blog is missing, by the way...

FOLLOWER said...

Noce post. Hope you'll take time to visit mine too.

When We Dance said...

Love this post.

"happy blogwalking"

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