Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 Things...

Well dear reader, tomorrow (5/13) is a great day in our little household. Jared turns 10! Mike also turns 28 for the tenth time but he says that he has given his birthday away so no more for him. So, in honor of our favorite 10 year old......

10 Things I Love About Jared (in no particular order and with more pics than Kiersten's since I'm at home)

1. His laugh...He has one of those infectious laughs that once he gets started he can't stop. Sometimes he turns red and almost falls over (which is actually pretty funny). I love to hear him laugh because I know that all is right in his world.

2. His general craziness...He's always doing something crazy and really keeps us on our toes.

3. His love of nature...For those of you who have known me a long time, I am not the best around bugs, frogs, lizards, snakes, etc. God has a sense of humor that I get a little boy that loves to share his finds with me.

Taken at Bearworld in Idaho on vacation. Apparently the poor deer wouldn't cooperate with him. I took it as a sign of things to come and sure enough, he's a hunter.

4. His willingness to help...He's always glad and anxious to help. Whether it's going with Mike to do a service project or helping out here at home, he's always asking what he can do to help out.

5. His love for his sister...Although he fights with her, he really does think she hung the moon.

Washington D.C. outside of the National Zoo.

6. His expressive face...Anita says he has expressive eyebrows, I think his whole face is so expressive. I could watch him tell a story all day long

photo by Christy Peake---no, we didn't send this one out with the Christmas cards

7. His sense of humor...He has the silliest sense of humor and can find something funny in just about everything.

This could go with #2 as well. Photo taken by Christy Peake at a sometimes wild and crazy photo shoot for pictures for Christmas

8. His odd philosophies...Sometimes we'll be talking and he will say something completely out of the blue. They can be funny or serious, but they're always interesting.

9. His figurative language skills...He loves to try out new words and most of the time the context is correct, you just don't expect it to come from him. He tells me that he has mad figurative language skills and I tend to agree with him.

10. This one will be everything else. From his hugs to his temper, everything that he does is full of life and energy. He doesn't do anything halfway. I love my hunting, fishing, reading, laughing, smart alecky little guy.


SCNONI said...

Amen to all of that. He will even give me a hug voluntarily sometimes. I love his smirk and swagger.

Connie said...

I see a lot of you in his personality! He is a great mix of Mike and you :)

Anita said...

He really is so freakin' adorable... and he's at the age where he's got to hate hearing that :) Olivia misses her best buddy!

Anonymous said...

Plus, he's "so stinkin' cute!"