Thursday, July 24, 2008

A few gripes

This is just not my week. I did finally end up with a Pepsi and all was well in my corner of the world. I've been floating along until today. I don't know if I'm just grumpy or people are actually trying to dance up my last nerve but I've gotten some pretty fussy people on the phone already. Now, let me explain. I work for a state agency dealing with the public a good bit. I answer the phone in the General Counsel's office so I get all sorts of interesting folks (usually angry by the time they get to me). I try my hardest to be pleasant and helpful to everyone at all times but there are a few things that just drive me nuts.

1. Don't threaten me by saying you're going to call the Governor. I don't care. The only person that scares me at work is my boss in a bad mood.

2. Same goes for local TV stations. I'll give you the number for our public relations people. Your people can call my people.

3. Don't treat me like I'm an idiot just because I'm not an attorney. I've been here a while now and pick up on a lot of stuff and legalese. Big words don't scare me.

4. Please read the notices that you get from our office. We don't like killing trees unless we have to.

5. 10 days is 10 days is 10 days. Calendar days people! Not business days from whenever you receive something. We don't know when you receive it. It's calendar days from the date that we mail it.

6. Other attorneys don't frighten me either. My attorneys know more than your attorneys about this particular type of law.

7. Yes, you're going to get the same answer from all of us because we actually FOLLOW THE RULES!

8. I am not the switchboard for the agency. General Counsel/Legal Dept. does not mean "please let me to direct your call". There's an information line for that.

9. If you call me, turn your radio, tv, children down. It's kind of hard to hear you and concentrate on you when there's a bunch of loud background noise.

10. Don't have your mommy call. We can't talk to her, we need to talk to you.

11. You don't have a permanent record after you graduate from school. Someone firing you is not going "to go on your permanent record". It may go on youre resume, but there's no file on you floating around.

I am generally nice to all and sundry who call because I know that they are frustrated and in a bad situation. However, I'm going to be more willing to stay nice if people are nice to me.

I feel better already. Thank you and have a lovely day. What are some of your gripes about where you work?


connie said...

I thought the full moon nutsos would be back to normal this week. NOT!!!

scchesleys said...

No such luck. My nutsos are a month long thing.

Anonymous said...

Its been a week for me as well. Alas lets try again next week