Monday, May 19, 2008

Maybe I wrote too soon

I was all chipper on Friday because of my it could be worse post. Well, I forgot to knock on wood, click my heels three times or whatever it is that you do to ward off bad luck. I get a call Friday as Jared and I are going to Wally World to spend his birthday money that Mike and the scouts have broken down on the side of the interstate in my van but they're going to the house to get Mike's car and continue on their way camping. Frick, frack, fried green tomatoes!!! Luckily, our mechanic is the nicest guy in the world and would get it off the side of the road later that evening.

As Jared and I are checking out, the monsoon comes and it looks like it's never going to stop so we run for it after waiting a few minutes at the door. After almost losing my flip flops, and my pants (bottom of them was weighed down with water), and thinking about all the icky stuff that ends up in the WalMart parking lot that could cause illness or death if it even touches my feet.
Jared and I watched this thing on Animal Planet a couple of weeks ago about parasites that enter through your feet although these are mostly found in South America, not South Cackylacky and it's freaked me out ever since, we get to the truck and we're on our way. Jared, sweet baby boy that he is turns to me and says Mommy, it's okay that your hair is all wet ( I was looking like a drowned rat by this time), we've had our shower for the night and when we get home we can get in our jammies, eat our Rush's dinner and watch TV. As we were headed home, we passed a forlorn looking little green Mazda on I-20 and I almost cried for the van. It's been such a good car, hopefully David can fix it without too much trouble or pain in the pocketbook.

Saturday J and I woke up early (7 ish) and I was ready to paint the bathroom which Mike had finished priming for me on Friday. I'm a horrible painter, I want to get it done as quick as possible which is sometimes a bad thing. Didn't know that I would need like fifty coats of paint to make it turn out like I wanted it. After one, there were still streaks and stuff. Mike did another coat Saturday night and it looked better. I'll probably do a coat a night all this week to make it end up where I want it, but anyway. Mike doesn't like the color, says it's depressing, I tell him let me finish it and get everything back in, pictures and accessories and it will be lovely. He's skeptical, I'm optimistic and I'll be damned if I'm going to paint that stupid bathroom again. Pardon my lapse of language there.

Sunday was lovely, church was good and I got a nap. Jared's baptism date is firmed up for June 1st and he wants my dad and Derick to speak. He's still a mite worried about people looking at him but he'll be fine. Heather and I will be planning a baby shower for Anita and the end of school is coming barreling like a freight train out of control. In other words, just a normal, every day kind of craziness.

However, it could be worse. My engine could have blown up in the middle of 5:00 traffic, I could have gotten some form of strange parasite from the water runoff or driven in the monsoon (I hate driving in the rain), the bathroom could be pink.

Our family is blessed (pray for my bathroom and my sanity).


connie said...

I am commenting after hysterical laughter. What to comment on...hmmm...I could go so many directions. Didn't you say you were painting the bathroom red or did I dream that? What's depressing about that? Two words for you - Positive Intention! What you put out there, the universe obliges. Be sure to click those heels 3Xs okay!!!

scchesleys said...

Yes I'm painting the bathroom red. I think red is a happy color, apparently he thinks a lovely deep red looks "dark and depressing, vaguely reminds him of a cave". I'm thinking positive, I think it will look lovely and I think I've found a shower curtain to bring everything together. By all that's holy I will have a red room in my house!

Anonymous said...

smile thru the tears!

connie said...

red rum red rum (pronounced red room in eery voice)....did you ever see the movie "The Shining"???

scchesleys said...

Can't watch scary movies, they give me nightmares. Watched Seven with Brad Pitt and it gave me nightmares for years (not Brad, just the premise).

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this. Funny...mainly because you put a positive twist on all of these frustrating events.

About the painting, we must be kindred spirits because I cannot stand to do it, mainly because I'm no good at it. I always manage to spatter a little droplet here and there, and then I get impatient and just start slinging it on. Fortunately, my sweet husband is quite the expert, and I can thank him for transforming all of the rooms in our house with his expertise.

Speaking of the rooms, I'm sitting in my red dining room which I LOVE. Mike, I hope, will come to love the red bathroom. Tell him that according to the Chinese feng shui folks, red is the so-called "fire element" that brings energy into a space. He'll probably look at you like you've lost it...that's what my husband does.